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The pilates fitness trend is growing fast! And now there’s a new emerging sub-niche gaining momentum within the market. Some of these fitness videos are getting millions of views on TikTok!

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  • This weeks exploding idea: Wall Pilates

  • New business ideas: 3 Wall Pilates businesses you can start

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Read time: 4 min 8 sec

Exploding Idea: Wall Pilates

As a more economical alternative to reformer Pilates, which can cost around $30 per class in major cities like Los Angeles, Wall Pilates is gaining momentum on major platforms like TikTok and YouTube.

Why Wall Pilates Is Gaining Momentum Now

The rising popularity of Wall pilates can be attributed to multiple factors: its prominence on social media platforms like TikTok, its cost-effectiveness, and lower barrier to entry. Wall pilates videos are usually free and all you need is a wall to get started. Pilates is extremely trendy right now and offers a targeted core and leg workout, but is cost prohibitive for many. This makes wall pilates an attractive alternative.

The Opportunity

Creating and sharing Wall Pilates videos on YouTube and TikTok could quickly take advantage of a “big fish small pond” niche and quickly gain momentum in the market. By targeting keywords with low competition but growing interest like “Wall Pilates Challenge”, instructors can build a dedicated following, which could later expand into broader Pilates markets or other fitness categories.

This strategy mirrors how i’m growing my YouTube channel. First I started in a niche market then expanded into more competitive areas, parlaying a core audience.

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Business Idea #1

Business Name: FitPilates Home Studio

Industry: Home Fitness Solutions

Problem: Many potential users, deterred by high class fees and the inconvenience of traveling to studios, are seeking alternatives that blend accessibility with the rigor and results of traditional studio classes.

Solution: FitPilates Home Studio addresses this need by offering a comprehensive, easy-to-follow online Pilates program specifically designed for home use. The platform features a range of video tutorials and live sessions that utilize simple household structures like walls to replicate the resistance and support typically provided by Pilates equipment in studios.

Business Idea #2

Business Name: Pilates Gateway

Industry: Professional Development in Fitness

Problem: Many existing certification programs are expensive, require in-person attendance, and do not integrate newer Pilates variations that are gaining traction on social media and among home fitness enthusiasts.

Solution: Pilates Gateway offers a fully online, modular teacher certification program that equips aspiring Pilates instructors with the skills and credentials needed to teach a variety of Pilates styles, focusing predominantly on Wall Pilates.

Business Idea #3

Business Name: Pilates Pulse Studio

Industry: Online Fitness Content Creation

Problem: While there is an abundance of general pilates fitness content available on platforms like YouTube, there remains a significant gap in specialized, wall pilates content that engages users over time and encourages regular participation.

Solution: Pilates Pulse Studio addresses this gap by launching a YouTube channel dedicated to providing structured wall pilates programs with a focus on accessibility and progression for viewers at all fitness levels. The channel will feature regular uploads that guide viewers through series of wall pilates workouts, from beginner to advanced. The content will be designed to not only help viewers improve their fitness but also educate them on the principles and benefits of Pilates.

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