Sustainable Wellness For Animals pt.2

PLUS - 3 more business ideas

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In our previous newsletter, we highlighted a growing niche that's positioned to redefine the landscape of the animal wellness industry: Sustainable Wellness for Animals.

Today we’re sharpening our focus and diving deeper into this vibrant sector. We’ll be digging into the catalysts and reasons behind the trend, in an effort to learn how to best position ourselves for success in this market.

Let’s get into the deep nitty gritty market research, and gain an understanding of the full depth of the trend so that we can properly capitalize on it.

P.S. At the very end we’ve included 3 additional fresh new business ideas to check out for this niche.

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Exploding Niche: Sustainable Wellness for Animals

In the 21st century, pets are society's newest family members.

Pets have historically always been in the family, but now society is treating them as family.

This is an important nuance as it’s catalyzing a trend of wellness products for animals that is maturing into an analogous market to human wellness.

According to Statista, the market size for the human wellness industry hit $4.3 trillion in 2020, a number that they’re projecting to scale to $7 trillion by 2025.

Market Research Future reported that in 2021 the animal wellness market was valued at $35.9 billion and is projected to hit $75.02 billion by 2030. That is more than a 2x in industry growth by 2030.

There’s ample room for the animal wellness market to grow, and we can use the human wellness market as a proxy to find which businesses work and will be profitably transferable to the animal wellness market.

The animal wellness market is quickly growing in the wake of the human wellness market; millennials and younger generations are leading this trend providing major momentum for businesses and entrepreneurs building businesses in the animal wellness space.

Let’s see why this is happening, and learn how we can capitalize on it…

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