Solar Businesses - Deep Dive

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Happy Tuesday,

In this Deep Dive, we're going to jump into the Solar business.

This is a growing macro trend that is skyrocketing due to recent United States government subsidies and incentives. Major ESG funds and government initiatives are providing this space big tailwinds, it’s becoming easier and cheaper than ever to build a business around this new technology, and the industry is likely going to grow over time. In this deep dive we’ll teach you where the opportunities are and how to capitalize on them.

Now let’s get into it…

In this week's Exploding Ideas Deep Dive you’ll learn:

  • How to capitalize on solar

  • Where to find gaps in the industry to ride market tailwinds

  • The keyword opportunity that has major growth potential

💡Organic Growth - Tuesday Tip💡

Use polls in your business. Utilizing polls to survey readers in your newsletter, on your Twitter, on YouTube, or whatever social channel you primarily use is a great way to learn about your users and deliver content to them that they want. It’s an effective and easy way to facilitate retention and engagement.

Below I’ll teach you how…

Here’s an example of how to do it (link)

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Exploding Idea: Solar Businesses

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