Pickleball - Deep Dive

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Let's delve deeper into the burgeoning pickleball trend. We’ll examine the financial potential and the data that showcases where we can lucratively tap into intense demand.

Let’s get into it…

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Exploding Niche: Pickleball Equipment

This week we’re bringing you an easy money making opportunity.

Pickleball is such an undeniably clear trend that the opportunities to monetize it are expansive and everywhere.

Point blank; people love pickleball.

This trend is booming among seniors and there’s an amazing opportunity to target them with Facebook ads (seniors love Facebook) to sell them the equipment they’re already looking for.

You don’t even need to manufacture these products, you can dropship them from AliExpress.

If you’ve been interested in dropshipping, this is your trend to capitalize on.

We even found someone who made ~$280,000 in the last 3 months on Amazon selling a Pickleball For Beginners book.

Let’s get into the charts, the SEO data, the businesses that are working, and how you can ultimately ride this wave and make over 6 figures capitalizing on the Pickleball wave.

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