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People are getting serious about their pets. So much so that they’re looking for services they historically only used for relatives - now for their pets.

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  • This weeks exploding idea: Pet Estate Planning

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Exploding Idea: Pet Estate Planning

This trend is emerging as a result of decreasing fertility rates and a growing perception of pets as family members, particularly as people fill the gap left by fewer children with pets.

Why Pet Estate Planning Matters Now

Legislative changes, such as California's Probate Code Section 15211 allows for pet-specific trusts.

This is beginning to spread nationwide, making this an expanding opportunity as pet prioritization continues to grow.

The Opportunity

Emotional Support Animal (ESA) letter

The opportunity lies in merging these new regulatory changes with the increasing prioritization of pets as family member level companions. While traditional law firms offer estate services, these are not scaled for pets. Gen Z and Millennials prefer online platforms for legal services, transparent pricing, and flat fees, as highlighted in "Zconomy." This presents an opportunity for online native services catered towards this niche.

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Business Idea #1

Business Name: PetCare Guardian

Industry: Pet Estate Planning

Problem: As the role of pets in households grows, many pet owners worry about the future care of their pets in case of incapacity or death. Existing services are either expensive, inconvenient, or lack the flexibility to accommodate specific pet care needs.

Solution: PetCare Guardian provides an easy-to-use online platform for pet estate planning. The service allows pet owners to create legally binding pet trusts and designate caregivers to look after their pets, all through a straightforward, guided process.

Business Idea #2

Business Name: PetWill Pro

Industry: Pet Estate Planning

Problem: Traditional will services often fail to adequately address the specific needs of pets, leaving owners without a straightforward solution to ensure their pets’ future well-being.

Solution: PetWill Pro offers an online platform specializing in creating legally binding wills that cater to pet owners' unique needs. The platform provides tailored templates and guided services to help owners include provisions for their pets in their wills.

Business Idea #3

Business Name: PetPeace Planning

Industry: Pet Estate Planning and Cremation Services

Problem: Decisions regarding end-of-life arrangements, such as cremation, are often made during emotional times, leading to rushed or uninformed choices.

Solution: The platform helps pet owners create legally binding documents, appoint caregivers, and allocate funds for their pets’ care. Furthermore, it allows owners to pre-plan their pets' end-of-life arrangements, including cremation services, helping to alleviate stress and provide peace of mind.

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