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Today we’re exploring a new trend in jewelry that has an amazing SEO opportunity. There are thousands of people searching for this trending product but there’s barely anyone creating content or products around it. We’ll dive into the idea and how you can capitalize on this clear opportunity!

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  • New business ideas: 3 Permanent Jewelry businesses you can build

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Exploding Idea: Permanent Jewelry

In the dynamic world of fashion, there's a new trend that's been rapidly gaining traction: permanent jewelry.

Permanent or welded jewelry is becoming a beloved trend among consumers, especially in the middle regions of the United States; Utah, Idaho and Arkansas.

As consumer habits continue to evolve, there is becoming a growing emphasis on personalization. Jewelry has long been a symbol of luxury, status, and personal sentiments. But with this new trend, it's more than that. It's a physical, constant connection to a moment, a memory, or a relationship that literally 'stays with you'. A piece of jewelry that you can wear through showers, sleep, and significant life events, without having to worry about it getting lost or damaged.

Like many trends, celebrities and influencers on TikTok have been a major catalyst for this movement.

With consumers increasingly valuing personalization, meaning, and durability in their accessories, this trend shows immense potential not only for fashion retailers and jewelers, but also for digital marketers seeking to capitalize on these shifting preferences.

Jewelry has always been a powerful medium of self-expression, and the rise of permanent jewelry amplifies this.

By understanding and tapping into the sentiment behind the permanent jewelry trend, businesses can craft powerful marketing and SEO strategies.

The keywords revolving around this trend such as 'permanent jewelry', 'welded jewelry', 'everlasting accessories' are relatively new and extremely easy to target and capitalize on.

Incorporating these keywords into your content strategy could massively increase visibility in search engine results and attract customers in a practical way that is being missed by competitors in the market.

By approaching this with an SEO first strategy, you have a great opportunity to capitalize on this trend. Most businesses in the market are overindexing their efforts on Instagram and TikTok, but the opportunity is in SEO and it’s wide open.

We just created, our own blog that we’re going to parlay into a business in this space.

We’re going to show you step-by-step how to build your own version on Tuesday in the Deep Dive.

The ideal strategy would be to…

  1. Create a blog targeting high traffic, low competition keywords

  2. Create 20 blog articles for the keywords

  3. Write 2 guest posts for blogs with domain ratings >25

  4. Monitor for 30 days to see how much traffic Google is sending you

  5. If substantial, create your own Permanent Jewelry Kit and sell it on your site, tapping into the free SEO traffic you’ve built up.

More insights, data and details coming up in the Tuesday Deep Dive. We’re going to build this from scratch and show you how!


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Name: Forever Identity

Industry: Permanent Jewelry and E-commerce

Problem: There’s a clear demand for permanent jewelry with an unmet need for easily accessible, customizable products that cater to the modern, digital-first consumer. This demand is further increased by the emotional connection associated with such jewelry and its growing trend propelled by social media. There is a current lack of businesses leveraging SEO effectively to capture this rising interest, with many customers seeking more knowledge and DIY options to partake in this trend themselves.

Solution: Forever Identity will be an e-commerce platform that specializes in providing customized permanent jewelry. The platform will also offer DIY permanent jewelry kits for those wanting to create their own pieces or start their own businesses, filling the informational and product gaps in the market. It will be designed with the user in mind, providing an easy and straightforward online shopping experience, along with educational content to engage customers.

Competitive Advantage: Forever Identity will tap into the booming trend of permanent jewelry in a way that its competitors have yet to seize. With a keen understanding of the SEO opportunities available, Forever Identity will prioritize digital marketing strategies and user-friendly website design, giving it a significant advantage over competitors who have not capitalized on this digital potential.

Name: Lasting Impressions

Industry: Permanent Jewelry and E-commerce

Problem: The rising popularity of permanent jewelry signifies a cultural shift towards a desire for lasting personal expressions and symbols of significant life milestones. Despite this demand, there is a significant gap in the market for businesses that provide both a high-quality product and an accessible, informative, and engaging digital experience. There's also a lack of resources for potential entrepreneurs looking to start a business in this niche.

Solution: Lasting Impressions is an online store offering high-quality, customizable permanent jewelry that caters to a variety of tastes and styles. In addition to individual jewelry pieces, Lasting Impressions will provide DIY permanent jewelry kits, meeting the demand of consumers seeking a more hands-on experience or wanting to embark on their own jewelry-making venture. The platform will also prioritize education, offering comprehensive resources and tutorials to inform and guide customers through the process of creating their jewelry, as well as detailed guides for those seeking to start their own businesses.

Competitive Advantage: Lasting Impressions will carve out a unique space in the market by focusing on SEO-driven digital marketing strategies that many traditional jewelry businesses have overlooked. This will result in superior online visibility and customer reach.

Name: SolderMe

Industry: Technology and Jewelry Services

Problem: While the trend of permanent jewelry has grown exponentially, many consumers may struggle to find a reliable, safe, and professional service to correctly attach their permanent jewelry. Furthermore, this issue is exacerbated in less populated areas where such services may be non-existent.

Solution: SolderMe addresses this gap in the market by providing a convenient and professional mobile soldering service for permanent jewelry. Customers can book an appointment through the SolderMe app, and a trained professional will travel to the customer's location to safely attach the jewelry.

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