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This week we're diving into the lucrative business of niche newsletters. New infrastructure platforms are making newsletter creation cheaper than ever and you’ll be shocked to hear how much some of these newsletters are making. It’s truly a generational wealth providing opportunity that is worthy of your attention.

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Exploding Niche: Niche Newsletters

With the emergence of affordable email infrastructure platforms like, it is now easier than ever to start and test a newsletter idea.

In the past building newsletters was expensive; platforms like ConvertKit and Omnisend costed hundreds of dollars a month in infrastructure fees, but Beehiiv has undercut the competition and made building a newsletter dramatically cheaper and more efficient to launch. was the platforms first major success. Within a year, crypto newsletter MilkRoad was able to get to $1 million ARR and the founders exited the business at the end of their first year.

Following in their footsteps, numerous other newsletters, mostly in the AI category have subsequently launched and achieved similar success. is the standout reinvention of MilkRoad, in the AI niche. TheRundown has been around for almost 6 months and already is at a $920,000 annual run rate.

The opportunities around creating a niche newsletter are reminiscent of the early days of dropshipping and affiliate marketing. The barrier to entry is low, but the reward is high.

Email addresses have always been valuable, and continue to be due to email being an owned audience.

This means that you’re not building on another companies infrastructure; like Instagram, YouTube etc. and you don’t have the risks of YouTube one day changing their algorithm and tanking your engagement.

As such, the resale value on newsletter businesses is high comparatively to these other platforms.

It’s so valuable that a newsletter with 250,000 engaged subscribers could easily sell for over a million dollars. A YouTube channel or Instagram page with the same follower count could maybe sell for tens of thousands of dollars.

This is a massive opportunity for the bootstrapped and scrappy entrepreneur.

The possibilities around creating a one person media business have never been greater, and the monetization opportunity is exploding.

More strategic detail on this coming Tuesday…

Newsletter Name: "Proptech Pulse"

Industry: Real Estate Technology (PropTech)

Problem: The PropTech industry, which is revolutionizing the real estate sector with innovative technologies, is growing rapidly. However, it is fragmented and lacks a centralized source of reliable, up-to-date, and insightful information. Real estate professionals, tech entrepreneurs, and investors are looking for a comprehensive resource to stay on top of developments in this sector.

Solution: "Proptech Pulse" serves this need with a weekly newsletter dedicated to the latest PropTech news, trends, startups, and investment opportunities. It offers in-depth analysis, expert commentary, and a global perspective on how technology is reshaping the real estate industry.

Competitive Advantage: "Proptech Pulse" distinguishes itself with its detailed case studies on successful PropTech startups, comprehensive reviews of new technologies, and curated investment opportunities. It also offers unique perspectives from industry leaders and insights from markets around the world, setting it apart from more general real estate or tech newsletters.

Monetization: "Proptech Pulse" would adopt a freemium model, offering a basic free subscription, and a premium subscription with added benefits. Premium subscribers would have access to exclusive content, deep-dive reports, investor guides, and discounts on industry events and partner products. The newsletter could also generate revenue through targeted advertising and sponsored content from relevant businesses.

Viral Social Media Strategy: To grow its subscriber base, "Proptech Pulse" will actively engage with users in real estate and tech-oriented communities on platforms like Reddit (/r/RealEstateTechnology, /r/startups) and LinkedIn groups. The newsletter will run regular challenges or mini-competitions with rewards, encouraging subscribers to share content within their networks. Social media content will include sneak peeks of the newsletter's insights, compelling infographics, and success stories that are easily shareable.

Newsletter Name: "CleanTech Today"

Industry: Clean Technology and Renewable Energy

Problem: With the rapid global shift towards sustainability and the adoption of clean technology, there is a critical need for timely, comprehensive, and expert insights in this rapidly expanding sector. Both professionals and hobbyists need accurate information on emerging technologies, regulatory changes, investment opportunities, and market trends.

Solution: "CleanTech Today" fills this gap by offering a weekly digest of the most crucial news, trends, and insights in the clean technology industry. In-depth articles, expert interviews, and data-driven reports provide subscribers with a 360-degree view of the sector. It makes complex clean tech issues accessible to the general public while providing the depth of analysis industry professionals need.

Competitive Advantage: What sets "CleanTech Today" apart is its focus on actionable insights. Rather than simply reporting the news, it provides context, interpretations, and forward-looking analysis. The newsletter is known for its exclusive interviews with industry leaders, technical experts, and innovators, making it an essential resource for anyone involved in the clean tech industry.

Monetization: Initially, "CleanTech Today" will be a freemium model with both free and paid subscriptions. Free subscribers get the basic newsletter, while paid subscribers get additional benefits such as detailed market reports, priority access to interviews and webinars, and discounts to industry events. Furthermore, the newsletter will feature sponsored content and advertisements related to the clean technology sector. Over time, the platform could branch out into organizing exclusive industry events and webinars, thereby creating an additional revenue stream.

Viral Social Media Strategy: "CleanTech Today" will leverage the power of relevant online communities to grow its subscriber base. It will engage with users on platforms like Reddit (/r/RenewableEnergy, /r/sustainability) and LinkedIn groups related to clean tech. The newsletter will feature reader-contributed success stories and challenges, encouraging subscribers to share the content within their networks. On platforms like Twitter and Instagram, "CleanTech Today" will make use of infographic summaries of the week's news, easily shareable and digestible content, which could serve as teasers for the full newsletter.

Newsletter Name: "EduTech Explorer"

Industry: Education Technology (EdTech)

Problem: The EdTech industry is witnessing massive changes, with innovative tools transforming education at every level. However, educators, parents, and students often struggle to keep pace with these developments and find reliable, easy-to-understand information about the latest EdTech solutions.

Solution: "EduTech Explorer" addresses this need with a weekly newsletter that provides a clear overview of new technologies, market trends, and practical applications in the EdTech space. The newsletter is designed to make EdTech accessible and relatable to a non-technical audience, offering insights into how these tools can enhance teaching and learning experiences.

Competitive Advantage: What distinguishes "EduTech Explorer" is its focus on the practical applications of EdTech tools and the real-world impact they can have on teaching and learning. Each issue of the newsletter includes detailed reviews of EdTech products, case studies of successful implementations, and expert opinions. This balanced and comprehensive view of the EdTech landscape sets "EduTech Explorer" apart from other sources of information.

Monetization: Rather than charging for the newsletter, "EduTech Explorer" will partner with EdTech companies to sell their products directly through the newsletter. Each issue will feature select products, complete with comprehensive reviews and exclusive discounts for subscribers. "EduTech Explorer" will earn a commission on each sale made through the newsletter. As the subscriber base grows, the newsletter can negotiate better deals and exclusive products from EdTech companies, increasing its revenue potential.

Viral Social Media Strategy: "EduTech Explorer" will build a strong online presence in education-focused communities on platforms such as Reddit (/r/edtech, /r/Teachers) and Facebook education groups. The strategy involves creating shareable content like success stories, practical EdTech tips, and infographics summarizing the week's EdTech news. User-generated content will also play a vital role, with subscribers encouraged to share their experiences and successes with the EdTech tools featured in the newsletter.

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