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This week’s idea is focused on serving military veterans.

The market for this has faced insane growth over the last few years and shows no sign of slowing down. Also, after speaking with prospective customers in this niche - it’s clear there are serious infrastructure issues and veterans need help navigating it.

Now let’s get into it…

  • This weeks exploding idea: Nexus Letter

  • New business ideas: 3 Nexus Letter businesses you can start

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Exploding Idea: Nexus Letter

Nexus letters are gaining ubiquity among veterans pursuing disability benefits. These letters are becoming important as veterans navigate the VA's complex claims process. Nexus Letter’s help establish a clear link between military service and resulting health issues.

What is a Nexus Letter?

Written by a medical professional, it establishes a direct connection between a veteran’s military service and their current medical condition. This letter is crucial for meeting one of the essential criteria for a successful VA disability claim: demonstrating that an injury or illness was caused or aggravated by service.

Why the Rising Popularity?

The increased reliance on nexus letters is driven by several factors:

  • Complex Process: The VA's intricate benefits claims process often hinges on the detailed documentation provided in nexus letters, distinguishing successful claims from denials.

  • Heightened Scrutiny: With rising claims and constrained resources, the VA has tightened its review processes, making nexus letters crucial for many veterans to prove their disabilities were related to service.

The Opportunity

The demand for nexus letters is growing, particularly on platforms like Facebook and Reddit where veterans share strategies for obtaining these documents. The subreddit “r/veteransbenefits” has seen significant growth, with many discussions centered around acquiring nexus letters. Obtaining these letters can be challenging and expensive, and there is not much high quality professional online assistance available.

Market Sizing and Revenue Potential

  • Veteran Population: Approximately 18.5 million veterans in the United States.

  • Disability Compensation Recipients: Around 30% or 5.55 million veterans receive disability compensation.

  • Potential Market: If 10% of these veterans require nexus letters, this translates to about 555,000 potential customers. With a conservative pricing of $600 per letter and capturing 10% of this market, the revenue potential stands at approximately $33.3 million, potentially yielding $3.33 million in profits hinging on a 10% margin.

Future of the Market

The market related to the VA’s disability compensation program is set to expand further, fueled by increased enrollment, regulatory changes, and a growing budget.

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Business Idea #1

Business Name: VetLink Solutions

Industry: Veterans' Disability Benefits Services

Problem: Many veterans face significant challenges when navigating the complex Veterans Affairs (VA) disability claims process.

Solution: VetLink Solutions aims to simplify and streamline the process of obtaining nexus letters for veterans. By offering an integrated online platform, VetLink connects veterans with qualified medical professionals who specialize in writing nexus letters. The service includes comprehensive support for the submission of VA claims, starting from initial consultations to the final preparation of the nexus letter.

Business Idea #2

Business Name: VetClaims Academy

Industry: Online Education and Veterans' Support Services

Problem: Veterans seeking disability benefits often struggle with the complexities of the Veterans Affairs (VA) system, including understanding the intricacies of the claims process, the importance of documentation like nexus letters, and the overall navigation of the VA bureaucracy.

Solution: VetClaims Academy would be an educational YouTube channel dedicated to providing veterans with clear, concise, and actionable guidance on navigating the VA disability claims process. The channel would feature a series of tutorial videos, interviews with experts, step-by-step guides on writing and obtaining nexus letters, completing Disability Benefits Questionnaires (DBQs), and advice on appealing denied claims.

Business Idea #3

Business Name: VetSuccess Advocates

Industry: Legal and Veteran Advocacy Services

Problem: Veterans often find the process of filing and winning disability claims with the Veterans Affairs (VA) to be daunting and confusing. Many lack the necessary guidance and expertise to navigate the system effectively, which results in a high rate of denied claims or under-assessed benefits. This issue is exacerbated by the complexity of the required documentation, such as nexus letters and Disability Benefits Questionnaires (DBQs), which are crucial for substantiating claims.

Solution: VetSuccess Advocates would provide a coaching service tailored to veterans navigating the VA disability claims process. This service would pair veterans with experienced coaches—comprising former VA employees, veteran service officers, and legal experts—who understand the intricacies of the VA system. The coaching would cover the entire process, from initial claim filing to the appeals process if necessary. Coaches would assist with gathering the necessary medical documentation, writing effective nexus letters, filling out DBQs accurately, and preparing for potential hearings. The service would operate on a contingency fee basis, where VetSuccess Advocates only gets paid if the veteran wins their claim, aligning the company’s interests with those of the veterans it serves.

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