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Today we’re exploring a captivating shift that's sweeping the beverage industry. It’s a movement that's not just transforming menus and shelves, but also the way we perceive and experience beverages.

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  • This weeks exploding idea: Mocktails are becoming serious business

  • New business ideas: 3 Mocktail businesses you can build right now

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Exploding Idea: Mocktails

The term "mocktail" refers to non-alcoholic drinks that mimic traditional cocktails in complexity, visual appeal, and flavor profiles.

Their popularity is fueled by various societal changes including a shift toward healthier lifestyles, increased awareness of the negative effects of excessive alcohol consumption, and the rise of the "sober curious" and "mindful drinking" movements.

The increased presence of ready-to-drink mocktails, non-alcoholic spirits, and mixers in supermarkets and online platforms attests to the growing consumer interest and market potential.

Peak Cocktails, a mocktail brand launched by health enthusiast Ian Cross in 2022, serves as a case study of this trend's potential. His unique, health-conscious non-alcoholic drinks saw significant success at launch, illustrating the market's growth potential.

Ian’s unique inclusion of including adaptogens and superfoods that promote post-exercise rejuvenation resulted in a highly successful launch.

Veylinx statistics show a significant portion of Americans are looking to reduce alcohol consumption for health reasons, presenting an opportunity for new businesses in the mocktail space.

One of the most immediate opportunities in the mocktail market is the development and sale of pre-packaged, ready-to-drink mocktails or non-alcoholic spirits.

The ideal strategy would be to…

  1. Create a unique angle for your brand, like “energy mocktail” (infused with B12 vitamins)

  2. Launch a landing page branded to your mocktail

  3. Run Facebook ads for 24 hours

  4. See if you can get >20 waitlist signups for <$150

  5. If yes, launch your brand and follow the formula of Peak Cocktails

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Name: Refresh & Revive

Industry: Non-Alcoholic Beverage Industry

Problem: With an increasing number of consumers embracing healthier lifestyles, reducing alcohol consumption, and turning towards more sophisticated beverage options, there is a significant gap in the market for high-quality, ready-to-drink non-alcoholic beverages. Although the trend is growing, many existing options lack the complexity, sophistication, and variety that a discerning consumer seeks.

Solution: Refresh & Revive offers a line of meticulously crafted, ready-to-drink mocktails that don't compromise on taste, quality, or sophistication. Designed to cater to health-conscious and 'sober curious' consumers, Refresh & Revive's beverages mimic the experience of traditional cocktails while offering the added benefit of healthful ingredients. Additionally, in acknowledging today's fast-paced world and the desire for convenience, these mocktails are pre-packaged, easy to serve, and perfect for on-the-go consumption.

Competitive Advantage: Refresh & Revive's unique proposition lies in its commitment to high-quality, complex, and diverse flavor profiles, mirroring the experience of enjoying an alcoholic cocktail without the negative health implications. It also stands out by infusing its beverages with nutrient-rich ingredients, including fresh fruits, herbs, and adaptogens - thereby offering a drink that doesn't just abstain from alcohol, but actively contributes to the consumer's well-being.

Name: MockMixer

Industry: E-commerce and Non-Alcoholic Beverage Industry

Problem: Even as the popularity of mocktails grows, many consumers lack access to high-quality, non-alcoholic ingredients, mixers, and unique recipes that can help them create sophisticated mocktails at home. They're often limited to basic fruit juices and sodas, which don't provide the same level of complexity or flavor diversity that traditional cocktails offer.

Solution: MockMixer is an e-commerce platform dedicated to non-alcoholic beverages and mocktail ingredients. It provides a wide selection of non-alcoholic spirits, mixers, and unique, health-conscious ingredients like botanical infusions, herbal extracts, and fresh, exotic fruit purees. Beyond just offering products, MockMixer also offers a digital recipe book, which gets updated regularly with innovative mocktail recipes.

Competitive Advantage: MockMixer's unique selling proposition lies in being a one-stop-shop for all mocktail needs. It not only provides access to a broad range of hard-to-find, high-quality ingredients but also acts as an inspiration source for home bartenders looking to explore the world of mocktails. The company stands out by focusing solely on the non-alcoholic space, offering customers a dedicated platform to explore, discover, and purchase from a vast array of mocktail products.

Name: SoberBox

Industry: Subscription Box Service and Non-Alcoholic Beverage Industry

Problem: While many people are seeking to explore non-alcoholic alternatives, they often find themselves constrained by limited local offerings, lack of exposure to various non-alcoholic brands, and a lack of knowledge about the breadth and depth of the mocktail world.

Solution: SoberBox is a subscription-based service that delivers a monthly box of carefully curated non-alcoholic spirits, mixers, unique ingredients, and exclusive mocktail recipes right to the customer's doorstep. Each box provides customers with a new and exciting mix of products from around the globe, allowing them to discover new favorites, learn about different non-alcoholic brands, and experiment with diverse flavors and ingredients.

Competitive Advantage: SoberBox's unique selling proposition is its curated experience, which combines product discovery with an educational element. By providing not only a variety of high-quality products but also exclusive recipes and information about each product's origin, production, and best use, SoberBox offers a unique, immersive experience that many competitors in the market don't. This educational aspect helps customers better appreciate and understand what they're consuming, enhancing the overall enjoyment of their mocktail experience.

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