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You learned Sunday that there’s an incredibly lucrative opportunity around creating an AI automation agency. In this edition we’re going to do a deep dive, and present you with the data you need to truly take advantage of this opportunity.

You’ll learn about someone making $100,000/month and how they did it from scratch. We’ll then discuss how you can do this in 6 months by leveraging a trust building social media strategy that will attract inbound business inquiries in a practical, sustainable, and scalable way.

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Exploding Niche: AI Automation Agency

It’s no secret that AI is the new hot topic.

It feels like almost every day there’s some crazy new paradigm shifting advancement that is equally publicly triggering and awe-inspiring.

As we navigate this rapidly evolving landscape, businesses are finding themselves on the front lines.

Just as the industrial revolution presented significant new opportunities and challenges, so too does this era of digital transformation.

Google, Meta, Adobe, Salesforce, Twilio, and countless other major companies have announced a pivotal new focus on AI.

Companies with under <$100million in revenue are also following suit.

The pressure is on. The public is obsessed with AI and they want to invest in AI companies.

Therefore, as a company with an AI strategy, your stock is doing better than without one.

This is reflected in the private markets as well, if you are integrating AI in your business, the belief is that your company is positioned for the future and as such has more value.

It's no longer a matter of choice; businesses must adapt to these changes or risk falling behind.

As a result, companies are making strategic moves to capitalize on these technological advancements, striving to understand the underlying mechanics, and seeking ways to leverage them for improved efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness.

This is an immense opportunity for people with an interest in AI. Very few businesses understand how to leverage AI. Companies want to implement AI systems, but most don’t know how.

Businesses showcased in the media are trying to figure it out, but what about everyone else?

This has created a supply and demand problem that you can monetize.

Many don’t even know where the opportunities are. Therefore, companies must look to consultants and agencies to help them implement AI.

AI is so new, not many people know how to drive scalable efficiency with it. In other words, many individuals know how to use ChatGPT on their own, but not how to build a useful app for a company to provide to all of its employees at scale.

With the advent of the ChatGPT API and open source projects like Langchain, it’s become pretty easy to build AI applications without knowing how to code (we’ll go into exactly how you can in a few minutes).

Last month I started testing this business out. I built an AI Enterprise Software app utilizing the ChatGPT API.

To my surprise a major venture capital funded business's employees started using it without me even realizing!

This is where the money is; AI Enterprise Software Applications.

Big or small, they just need to be useful.

It could take you 5 minutes to build an AI app to drive organizational efficiency, it could take you 100 hours. Businesses don’t care how long it takes or how difficult it is to build.

Businesses just need help building AI systems that will drive efficiency before their competitors do, and get a clear edge that will help them both drive up their valuations and catalyze their future success.

What Businesses Want

Businesses pay a ton of money to 1. mitigate risks, 2. drive efficiency and 3. maximize profits.

They can justify spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on tools and people that help them improve on these 3 pillars as ultimately it makes financial sense.

If a business hires a consultant for $10,000 to save them $100,000 that’s a no-brainer.

AI is cutting-edge technology and therefore businesses understand that in order to build it into their workflow, they will have to pay a lot for a consultant or agency to help them.

The knowledge is extremely niche and there are not many people that can help businesses implement it. It’s supply and demand and the public markets are demanding businesses take it seriously.

There’s demand for AI automation agencies and consultants, and you can make millions providing solutions.

You don’t even need to be an allstar developer.

There has been an emergence of no-code tools (tools that are made for layman’s to build apps) that empower you to start making thousands of dollars as an AI automation agency pretty quickly (will provide some links further down).

Let’s get into the deep dive on the data behind the opportunity, and then go into an example of someone running an AI automation agency and making almost $100,000/month (with screenshots).

Let’s discuss how he did it, and the market strategy for how you can do it too.

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