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This week we’re looking into a critical piece of the AI market. Unlike technologies like ChatGPT that have seen a massive drop in usage, this piece continues to grow.

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Exploding Idea: GPUs

GPUs are arguably one of the most important components of AI.

They’re designed to rapidly process and render images and video for display.

These are different than CPUs, which handle a broader range of general-purpose tasks and are optimized for sequential processing. GPUs are great for parallel task execution, making them important in various fields like gaming, scientific research, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency mining, data analytics, and server management.

GPUs are infrastructure for AI technology.

Infrastructure businesses provide the foundations for industries.

For example, Verizon is an infrastructure business for voice communication. Infrastructure businesses are seen as highly attractive because they’re essential for an industry to exist, therefore they make a ton of money and are the least speculative.

Despite the initial overestimations of ChatGPT's market disruption, the demand for GPUs has only increased.

They are the backbone for AI, and people are buying them up which is pushing customer demand higher than it’s ever been in history.

With demand for GPUs reaching unprecedented heights, those looking to tap into the lucrative AI and computing wave should look to the GPU market.

Here are some opportunities we’re seeing:

  • Backplates: With a keyword difficulty of 1, this niche offers an SEO-friendly entry point into the market. The uptrend in search volume indicates robust, organic growth potential as GPUs become more mainstream.

  • Used GPUs: This market is ripe for a trustworthy platform that guarantees quality. A specialized marketplace with vetting protocols could alleviate consumer apprehension, mirroring the success of platforms like therealreal or StockX. Engagement on platforms like Reddit underscores the need for education and reliability in used GPU transactions.

Check out these subreddits we curated to discover GPU community pain points you could address and build a business around: Reddit Report.

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Business Idea #1

Name: GPUverse

Industry: Computer Hardware and Peripheral Devices

Problem: The rapid growth of AI, gaming, and cryptocurrency mining has led to a surge in GPU demand, yet there remains a lack of specialized, user-friendly platforms that offer GPU-related products and services. Consumers face difficulties in finding reliable, quality GPUs, and peripheral products that cater to their specific needs, whether for high-end gaming, professional AI research, or efficient crypto mining.

Solution: GPUverse will serve as an online marketplace that specializes in GPUs and associated components, offering a curated selection of new and certified pre-owned GPUs, custom backplates, cooling solutions, and exclusive bundled software for optimizing GPU performance. The platform will prioritize ease of use, transparency, and customer education, providing detailed guides and customer support to help users make informed decisions.

Competitive Advantage: The key differentiator for GPUverse is the comprehensive quality assurance process for pre-owned GPUs, an area that is often neglected by larger marketplaces. Each used GPU will undergo rigorous testing and come with a performance report, ensuring buyers understand the capabilities and history of their purchase. The bundled optimization software will also offer a unique selling point, simplifying the process of setting up GPUs for various uses. Additionally, the platform's custom backplate designs will tap into the personalization trend, appealing to users looking to customize their setups.

Business Idea #2

Name: PlateCraft

Industry: Computer Hardware Customization

Problem: The growing custom PC building market lacks specialized services for personalized GPU backplates. Enthusiasts seeking to individualize their setups often have limited options, usually defaulting to generic backplates that do not meet their desire for a personalized computer rig.

Solution: PlateCraft offers custom-designed GPU backplates that cater to the aesthetic and functional preferences of PC builders and enthusiasts. By utilizing a user-friendly online platform, customers can design or upload their custom graphics, select materials, and even integrate advanced cooling solutions. PlateCraft then manufactures and delivers these bespoke backplates directly to the customer.

Competitive Advantage: PlateCraft's competitive edge comes from a proprietary, easy-to-use online design tool that allows even those without technical expertise to create custom backplates. Additionally, PlateCraft uses high-quality, durable materials and offers a range of finishes and colors. Beyond aesthetics, PlateCraft can incorporate features like thermal padding to enhance the cooling efficiency of the GPU, thereby also providing a performance benefit. An emphasis on quick turnaround times and customer service would make PlateCraft a go-to source for both individual PC builders and small businesses looking to offer added value to their own customers.

Business Idea #3

Name: GPU Academy

Industry: Educational Technology and Digital Media

Problem: While there is an abundance of technical content available online, there is a shortage of educational channels dedicated to GPUs that cater to a wide audience, ranging from laypersons to tech enthusiasts who wish to deepen their understanding of GPU technology and its applications.

Solution: GPU Academy addresses this gap by creating an educational YouTube channel focused on all things GPU. The channel will provide comprehensive tutorials, explainers, and deep dives into the world of graphics processing units. The content will range from the basics of what a GPU is to more complex subjects like how GPUs are used in artificial intelligence, gaming, professional visualization, and scientific computation.

Competitive Advantage: GPU Academy's competitive advantage lies in its commitment to education and accessibility. By partnering with GPU manufacturers and related tech firms for brand deals, the channel will offer viewers exclusive insights and the latest advancements in GPU technology. These partnerships will also allow for hands-on demonstrations and detailed analyses of new products, giving viewers practical knowledge they can apply.

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