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This week we’re getting into a crazy new trend.

The data is showing that there are 58,000 Google searches for this trend in the US per month, and people are only pursuing the trend on TikTok. The SEO opportunity for this is wide open!

Now let’s get into it…

In this week's Exploding Ideas

  • This weeks exploding idea: Freeze dried candy is booming

  • New business ideas: 3 freeze dried candy businesses you can create

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Exploding Idea: Freeze Dried Candy

One of the latest trends to catch fire on TikTok is freeze-dried candy.

Freeze-dried candy is candy that's been frozen and then dried in a freeze dryer (link to example).

Here’s the process: First, the candy is frozen until it's super cold. Next, all the icy parts inside the candy turn into a kind of mist or vapor, skipping the watery stage. Then, any last bits of water are taken out.

After all this, the candy still looks like itself but feels different. It becomes crunchy and light, and the taste gets even more concentrated.

The rising popularity of freeze-dried candy on TikTok owes it’s virality to its novel texture and enhanced flavor.

Popular TikTok creators have been showcasing the process of both making the candy and the taste experiences, these videos have an ASMR-like quality enhancing their appeal (link to a video).

The key demographic engaged with this trend is predominantly 18-24 year olds, and the trend is notably popular in the United States.

Despite the seeming dominance of major TikTok accounts in this niche, the opportunity is actually ripe outside of the platform.

On Google the search term "freeze dried candy" gets 58,000 searches per month in the U.S. alone, with a keyword difficulty of 7.

In other words, it's easy to rank in the top 10 on Google for this search term if you take an SEO focused approach to the freeze dried candy market.

The competition is putting 100% of efforts into TikTok and missing an easy market opportunity on Google.

If you have an interest in this niche, pursuing a strategy outside of TikTok would be a a great opportunity.

Here’s a link to subreddits where you can learn more about this niche (link).

Learn how to monetize this trend in the Deep Dive (link here)

Business Idea #1

Name: SweetCrisp

Industry: Food and Beverage, specializing in freeze-dried candy

Problem: The trend of freeze-dried candy is booming, especially among the 18-24 age demographic in the United States. However, this trend is primarily being fueled through social media platforms like TikTok, and there's an untapped market for consumers who are searching for these products through search engines like Google. Moreover, current offerings may not be optimizing for the best consumer experience in terms of packaging, variety, or informational content.

Solution: SweetCrisp will be a direct-to-consumer brand offering a curated selection of freeze-dried candies, available both in single-flavor packs and assorted gift boxes. The business will focus intensely on SEO to capture the untapped Google search market. Alongside the product, SweetCrisp will provide value-added content such as informative blogs, how-to videos, and freeze-drying recipes. This will help in both SEO ranking and customer education, potentially expanding the market.

Competitive Advantage: While the competition is capturing the TikTok audience, SweetCrisp will have a dual focus: SEO optimization and content marketing. This will allow the brand to quickly gain traction among users who are actively searching for freeze-dried candy but aren't necessarily on TikTok.

Business Idea #2

Name: SugarVortex

Industry: Food and Beverage, specifically targeting the freeze-dried candy market

Problem: While freeze-dried candy is a trending product, there is a lack of specialized venues where consumers can customize their flavor combinations and textures. Most offerings are pre-packaged, limiting consumer choice and personalization. Additionally, there's a missed opportunity in the market to serve specialty niches such as health-conscious consumers or those with dietary restrictions.

Solution: SugarVortex will provide a customizable freeze-dried candy experience through an easy-to-use online platform. Customers can mix and match various candies and even select the level of freeze-drying they prefer. We'll also offer "healthier" freeze-dried options using natural ingredients. A subscription model will enable customers to receive their customized selection on a regular basis.

Competitive Advantage: Personalization and customization are at the core of SugarVortex's value proposition. In an increasingly crowded market, the ability to create a personalized candy mix differentiates the brand and encourages customer loyalty. The subscription model further secures recurring revenue and allows for a more predictable business model. By catering to specialty niches such as health-conscious consumers or those with specific dietary needs, SugarVortex opens up additional revenue streams that competitors are currently overlooking. This makes it a potent contender for becoming a multi-million dollar a year business, with quick profitability a viable goal given the straightforward product and supply chain requirements.

Business Idea #3

Name: CandyDropBox

Industry: E-commerce, Specialized in Limited-Edition Freeze-Dried Candies

Problem: While the freeze-dried candy market is booming, there is a lack of innovation and surprise in the product offerings. Most vendors focus on popular candies like gummy bears or Skittles, leaving consumers yearning for unique and unexpected options.

Solution: CandyDropBox aims to shake up the freeze-dried candy market by offering highly limited-edition runs of freeze-dried candies that no one would expect. Think freeze-dried Cadbury Eggs, Sour Patch Kids, or even freeze-dried chocolate bars. These unique candies will be released in "drops" similar to how fashion brand Supreme releases its limited-edition items. Each drop will feature a curated selection of these limited-edition candies, available only until supplies run out.

Competitive Advantage: The limited-edition "drop" model creates urgency and excitement, driving immediate sales and building strong brand loyalty. By choosing unexpected candies for freeze-drying, CandyDropBox would generate buzz not just among existing fans of freeze-dried candies, but also among a wider audience who are curious about these novel concoctions. The "drop" model also creates a natural cycle of marketing buzz, as each upcoming release generates anticipation and each sold-out release generates social proof.

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