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This week we’ll be exploring how you can leverage an interest in AI to build an AI automation agency business utilizing no-code tools. Businesses are clamoring to integrate AI into their businesses which presents an extremely lucrative opportunity for those of you that jump into it head first and become a knowledge leader.

We’ve identified people making over $100k/month doing this, the opportunity is ripe and it’s now.

Let’s get into it…

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Exploding Niche: AI Automation Agency

AI is like a secret sauce that many businesses are determined to add into their operations, but they need the right chef - someone who understands both AI technology and business strategy.

There's a shortage of these experts in the market right now, which means it's a great time to step into this field.

AI is a goldmine right now, with businesses willing to pay top dollar to integrate it into their operations.

In our research report (coming Tuesday), we found AI automation consultants making upwards of $100,000/month after starting their business less than 5 months ago.

So, how can you seize this opportunity?

Start by arming yourself with the right tools.

If you're a developer, tools like Langchain, ChatGPT API, and Pinecone are your go-to tools.

If you're not into coding but are tech-savvy, don't worry! You can learn no-code tools like Flowwise, Bubble, Langchain, Zapier, Botpress, and StackAI.

Once you've got a grip on the technical side, it's time to create your platform to build trust and attract business.

Social media is a great place to start sharing your knowledge. Whether it's YouTube, where you can upload how-to videos or tutorials, or Twitter, where you can share high-level concepts or exciting AI developments, the choice is yours.

Business outreach is dead, you now build trust via social media, then passively get inbound inquiries.

In the beginning, it's all about trial and error. Keep rolling the dice around different content ideas until you find something that resonates and starts giving you momentum.

It will typically take a month or so to get the ball rolling.

Once you've found your momentum driver, it's time to go all-in and establish yourself as a thought leader in AI. Knowledge is power in AI.

As you continue to grow and share your insights, people will begin to trust you and see you as an AI expert.

This is when the magic happens - people will start asking for your help, consultations, and services.

The key to success lies in teaching your prospective audience for free online.

The more you share your knowledge, the more you'll build trust and become the go-to person for AI business education.

Once you've established a solid base, there are plenty of ways to scale your business. You could start with consulting services, then move onto AI development projects.

Over time, you can parlay this into developing self-serve solutions or SaaS applications based on common problems businesses are consulting with you on.

This will give you an opportunity to create multiple streams of income.

The AI wave is just beginning. Now is the perfect time to dive in and carve out your space in this exciting field.

More strategic detail on this coming Tuesday…

Name: AIgecy

Industry: Real Estate

Problem: The real estate industry is traditionally slower to adopt new technologies, and currently, there's a gap in utilizing AI for efficient property search, client matching, property valuation, and personalized marketing. Inefficiency and inaccuracies in these areas lead to increased costs and missed opportunities.

Solution: AIgecy provides AI consulting services to real estate agencies and brokers, offering tailored solutions that streamline operations, improve accuracy, and optimize marketing. Utilizing GPT-4, we create personalized property descriptions that attract the right buyers, implement AI algorithms to match clients with ideal properties based on their preferences, and develop predictive models for accurate property valuations.

Competitive Advantage: AIgecy fills a significant gap in the real estate industry by offering specialized AI consulting and solution implementation. Our competitive advantage lies in our expertise with AI technologies like GPT-4 and our in-depth understanding of the real estate industry. Our solutions are tailored, efficient, and designed to yield a high ROI.

Monetization: AIgecy will monetize through consulting services and the implementation of AI solutions. As we help clients incorporate AI into their business, we will charge for initial setup and ongoing support. We also plan to develop an AI-powered real estate software product, offering it as a SaaS model for a recurring income.

Viral Social Media Strategy: To attract attention and trust, we will create a series of educational videos that will be shared on platforms like YouTube and LinkedIn. These videos will demystify the use of AI in real estate, showing real-world examples of problems in the industry and how AI solutions can address them. As part of our content strategy, we will also include customer testimonials and case studies to showcase the benefits of our services. This strategy not only educates the audience about AI in real estate but also builds our reputation as thought leaders in this space.

Name: GreenAInnovate

Industry: Agriculture

Problem: Agriculture is one of the oldest industries, yet it's often overlooked when it comes to technological advancements. From climate unpredictability to pest control and yield optimization, farmers face numerous challenges that could be eased by AI, but lack the technical expertise to implement such solutions.

Solution: GreenAInnovate offers AI consulting services specifically tailored to the agriculture sector. We build and integrate AI-powered tools that analyze weather patterns for optimal planting times, use machine learning for pest detection and control, and predict crop yields to aid in supply chain management.

Competitive Advantage: GreenAInnovate uniquely combines an understanding of agricultural challenges with advanced AI capabilities. Our solutions are user-friendly and designed for individuals who might not be tech-savvy. By focusing on a niche, underserved market, we can create tailored solutions that truly address the needs of our clients.

Monetization: GreenAInnovate will generate revenue through consulting fees, customization and implementation of AI systems, and ongoing support and training services. As the business grows, there's potential to develop standalone AI software solutions for agriculture, offering them on a subscription basis.

Viral Social Media Strategy: Our campaign will educate about the untapped potential of AI in agriculture. Through platforms like YouTube and Facebook, we'll showcase success stories of farms transformed by our AI solutions. We'll host webinars on how AI can tackle common agricultural issues, and maintain an active blog to provide a constant stream of engaging, informative content.

Name: HarmoniAI

Industry: Music

Problem: For independent musicians and small record labels, understanding listeners' preferences, targeting the right audience, and promoting music effectively is often challenging. Additionally, the process of song creation can be time-consuming and tedious.

Solution: HarmoniAI offers AI consulting services for the music industry. We help musicians and labels integrate AI tools that analyze streaming data for trend prediction, target audience identification, and effective music promotion. On the creation side, we utilize AI to streamline songwriting and composition, offering tools for auto-tuning, beat creation, and lyric generation.

Competitive Advantage: HarmoniAI's unique blend of AI expertise and understanding of the music industry sets it apart. Our tailored solutions are designed to address the specific needs of musicians and small labels, helping them effectively reach listeners and optimize their creative process.

Monetization: HarmoniAI will generate revenue through consulting and service fees for AI tool integration, customization, and training. There is also potential to develop standalone AI software solutions specific to the music industry, offering them on a subscription basis.

Viral Social Media Strategy: To attract attention and build trust, we'll focus on educational content around the intersection of AI and music. On YouTube, we'll share videos demonstrating our AI tools in action, showcasing how they can enhance both music creation and promotion. On Twitter and Instagram, we'll share success stories and key data insights about music trends, engaging the community with interactive polls and discussions.

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