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  • This weeks exploding idea: Cat Boarding

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Exploding Idea: Cat Boarding

According to Forbes, while 44.5% of US households own dogs, only 29% own cats. Yet, the desire to provide family-like care for pets spans both dog and cat owners.

There is a lack of emphasis on these types of services catered towards cats.

What is Cat Boarding?

Cat boarding services, or catteries, are facilities designed to offer safe and comfortable care for cats when their owners are away or unable to provide care. These facilities are specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of cats, featuring individual or communal spaces equipped with climbing structures, comfortable bedding, and sufficient space for activity.

The need for cat boarding services is becoming increasingly needed as people travel more and seek out reliable care options for their pets.

Cats generally prefer the stability of a home environment, making boarding a great option for their owners.

The Opportunity

A promising opportunity lies in acquiring the domain, currently available for sale. Domains that exactly match search terms are easier to rank on Google, and "cat boarding" as a search term presents a low competition yet high demand, with a monthly US search volume of 24,000 searches. For those interested in establishing a cat boarding service or hotel, purchasing this domain and optimizing it for search engines could provide a significant advantage.

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Business Idea #1

Name: PawsAway

Industry: Pet Care Services

Problem: Cat owners are in need of services that recognize and accommodate the unique preferences and needs of their pets, especially when they are traveling or otherwise unable to provide care. Traditional pet care options have predominantly focused on dogs, leaving cat owners with limited choices that often do not meet the higher standards they desire for their pets.

Solution: PawsAway offers a specialized cat boarding service that bridges this gap by providing luxury accommodations and personalized care tailored exclusively for cats. Recognizing that cats prefer the stability and security of a home-like environment, PawsAway’s facilities are designed to mimic such settings, featuring individual suites with climbing structures, comfortable bedding, and ample space for play and relaxation.

Business Idea #2

Name: CatCompanion

Industry: Pet Services Platform

Problem: Cat owners often struggle to find services that cater specifically to the unique needs and behaviors of cats, such as cat-sitting, grooming, and boarding. This gap in the market leaves cat owners with fewer options and a general feeling of being underserved compared to dog owners.

Solution: Inspired by the success of platforms like, CatCompanion specializes in services for cats, including in-home cat sitting, grooming, boarding facilities that cater exclusively to cats, and even cat behavior specialists. The platform emphasizes the unique aspects of cat care, ensuring that all service providers are thoroughly vetted for their expertise in handling and caring for cats.

Business Idea #3

Name: KittyCare Connect

Industry: In-Home Pet Care Services

Problem: Traditional pet care solutions, like boarding or kennels, do not always align with the preferences of cats, who generally fare better in the comfort of their own home.

Solution: This service focuses on in-home care, recognizing that cats are territorial animals that thrive in familiar environments. KittyCare Connect ensures that all cat sitters on the platform are not only passionate about cats but also have verified experience and understanding of cat care nuances. The platform facilitates seamless booking of cat sitting services, including feeding, playing, cleaning litter boxes, and providing medication if required. Additionally, KittyCare Connect offers value-added services such as daily updates with photos or videos for the pet owner, ensuring peace of mind while they are away.

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