Artificial Intelligence

PLUS - an exploding trend, new business ideas, and an empowering interview

Happy Sunday,

This week we’re going to cover a topic a lot of you have been requesting.

AI business opportunities…

We’ll provide a little context on why AI is getting massive, then discuss some implications, highlight some business opportunities, and then finish it off with an interview with AI business expert Greg Kamradt.

As the majority of you are most likely aware, AI is all the rage at the moment. Every day a new company announces their “AI”. Adobe, Canva, Google Suite, Notion are all throwing their hats into the ring. Is it just hype or is this here to stay? Are there businesses to create here?

Let’s get into it…

Emerging Niche: Artificial Intelligence

Why now?

Techies have been saying that AI is on the cusp of a major breakthrough for years, you may be wondering why it is now becoming popular.

Google Trends data

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