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Happy Sunday,

First off, congrats to community member Martins Berzins for winning the ReaderMax AI business giveaway in last weeks email.

This week, we're diving into a groundbreaking concept that could give you a competitive edge over traditional consumer brands. By leveraging this cutting-edge technology that was just released last week, you can not only capitalize on the AI revolution but also tap into a burgeoning trend in product innovation.

In the second part of this newsletter, we'll explore the common traits shared by billionaires. Shawn O'Malley from The Investors Podcast, who has interviewed and studied numerous billionaires, will provide us with some fascinating insights.

Let’s get into it…

Today’s Topic:

  • Exploding Niche: AI Image Generation

  • Business Idea: AI Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) Brand

  • The Opportunity: Establish a brand that uses creative AI tools to ideate and launch unique products, setting them apart from existing offerings in the market.

  • Why Now: The combination of major technological advancements and a challenging economic outlook.

Read time: 12 minutes

Exploding Niche: AI Image Generation

Google Trends: “midjourney ai”

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