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This trend is really interesting. It’s super ripe for a new business. To test it out I launched a newsletter in this niche and instantly started getting subscribers, we’ll include a link to watch it at the end of the Exploding Idea section.

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In this week's Exploding Ideas

  • This weeks exploding idea: Adaptogens are a major trend

  • New business ideas: 3 adaptogen businesses you can create

  • Here’s what I’m reading: 2 articles and 1 book I’m reading this week to level up my skills

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Exploding Idea: Adaptogens

Adaptogens are natural substances, frequently found in herbs and mushrooms, believed to help the body adapt to stress and maintain balance.

The worldwide trend takes its cue from the growing societal emphasis on health and wellness.

Interest in adaptogens is fueled by various factors, from scientific research to celebrity endorsements and the negative mental health implications of widespread social media use.

TikTok Analytics

Interestingly, the current interest in adaptogens is most vibrant on TikTok. Videos discussing adaptogens have an aggregate 150 million views (link).

The platform's viral potential allows for instant, free traffic, making it a strong starting point for an adaptogenic tea brand focused on stress management.

Right now, TikTok is in its prime and businesses capitalizing on the viral potential, reminiscent of early Instagram and Facebook, are becoming extremely lucrative.

Google on the other hand, is extremely oversaturated, TikTok is the ideal launching pad for this type of business.

To capitalize on this trend, the most ripe opportunity is for entrepreneurs to use TikTok to introduce a brand selling adaptogenic mushroom tea for stress.

This would have instant product market fit as the hashtag “adaptogensforstress” is extremely popular on TikTok, and tea is a low barrier to entry business to launch.

Using Reishi mushrooms (link), which are widely accepted in the United States for their stress-relieving properties, would be a great ingredient to build the brand around.

Executing this opportunity would involve several key steps:

  1. Procure adaptogenic Reishi mushrooms and tea filter bags for initial small-batch testing.

  2. Create a visually appealing and educational TikTok account focused on adaptogenic teas.

  3. Build a Shopify website with a focus on SEO, targeting the keyword "Adaptogen Tea" which currently has low keyword difficulty.

  4. Utilize TikTok to drive initial traffic, which can then be funneled to boost SEO rankings on Google.

By tapping into the power of TikTok's virality with solid SEO strategies, there is a window to build a successful adaptogenic tea brand aimed at the very audience most affected by stress and anxiety due to social media usage.

Here’s a link to subreddits where you can learn more about audience pain points (link).

For fun I built and launched an adaptogen remedy newsletter, I had some instant success and filmed it so you can see how I did it (watch it here).

Learn how to monetize this trend in the Deep Dive (link here)

Business Idea #1

Business Name: CalmMush TeaCo
Industry: Health and Wellness
Problem: The surge of stress and anxiety, particularly among social media users, calls for a natural, easily accessible solution.
Solution: CalmMush TeaCo offers a range of teas infused with adaptogenic Reishi mushrooms, specifically formulated to relieve stress and promote mental well-being.
Competitive Advantage: CalmMush TeaCo sets itself apart by leveraging TikTok for marketing, tapping into a less crowded but highly relevant audience. The use of scientifically supported Reishi mushrooms adds credibility and value to the product. Furthermore, the product has the potential to rank quickly on Google due to low search engine optimization difficulty for the term "Adaptogen Tea," which would help in gaining organic traffic.

Business Idea #2

Business Name: AdaptiBrew
Industry: Health and Wellness
Problem: With the mounting pressure of daily life and the negative impact of extensive social media use, there is an escalating need for effective, natural remedies for stress and anxiety.
Solution: AdaptiBrew aims to deliver a line of cold brew coffee beverages fortified with a mix of adaptogenic herbs like Ashwagandha, Rhodiola Rosea, and Ginseng. This provides not only the stimulation that coffee lovers seek but also stress-relieving properties.
Competitive Advantage: The company uses sustainably sourced ingredients and employs eco-friendly packaging, attracting a consumer base that values both health and sustainability. The marketing strategy would be heavily focused on TikTok to take advantage of the growing trend surrounding adaptogens and stress relief, especially given that the platform has not yet been saturated with similar brands.

Business Idea #3

Business Name: ZenMunch
Industry: Health and Wellness / Food & Beverage
Problem: With the prevalence of stress and anxiety, especially among social media users, people are constantly seeking convenient and effective ways to manage these conditions in their busy lives.
Solution: ZenMunch aims to produce a line of on-the-go snack bars and bites that are infused with adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms like Ashwagandha and Reishi. These snacks not only satiate hunger but also serve to manage stress levels throughout the day.
Competitive Advantage: Unlike the often unpalatable dietary supplements available in the market, ZenMunch offers a tasty, convenient solution that fits seamlessly into the modern lifestyle. Additionally, the company would launch its products on TikTok, capitalizing on the platform's reach among those who are most affected by stress and anxiety, thereby achieving content-audience fit.

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